Buying a Home Tips

If you've purchased a home before you probably know some mistakes you made when you were looking for that first house. If you are a first time buyer maybe you need some tips.

Some things to consider before purchasing:

The first and most important is how much home can I afford?

The first step is going to a mortgage broker and getting a genuine pre-approval. I say genuine because I have ran into issues with banks telling prospective home buyer's that they are pre-approved for a certain amount without ever checking their credit. If you have no credit obviously you cannot buy a home. I work with possibly the best mortgage guy in the business, call me, Brian Wright for details cell: 519-818-6321

Where do I want to live?

Location is obviously important. If you have children or plan to have children you would want to focus on schools and how they are rated. The areas with the known better schools usually are in higher demand and therefore drives the home prices higher.

If you don't drive you may want your home located near grocery stores for easy access.

If you prefer the bar scene you may want a condo downtown.

There are many things to consider when choosing your home location.

Style of Home?
What is your ideal home configuration?
It may be a ranch with no stairs, it could be a large two storey home for a large family and extra living space, possibly a townhouse for low maintenance living. Raised-ranch bonus room for bedroom separation from the kids.

New vs. Old

Many people prefer old architecture over new. The bonus to having a brand new home is obviously everything is new. Which means everything should have some sort of warranty and should last for years to come. Old homes may be ready for a new furnace, central air (if it has it), roof, etc.
The advantage of an older home is they are usually in estatblished neighborhoods. Trees have grown, lots are sometimes larger, families have settled in, no dust from construction of neighbors homes.

These are just a few quick questions to ask yourself before heading out. I will continue these tips in another article.
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